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I am currently lvl 83. i am farming Phoenix atm to get EP & Thrawn. I basically didn't know were I was going until about a month ago and started reading the forums. As a result I wasted a lot of resources on poor characters. Should I go empire after I get EP & T? I don't know were to go with my ships again they are all over the place. Any advice would be great. My toon is


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    you have a few options.
    1. is to just start over. seems awful but isn''t that bad. the problem is you starred and levelled a bunch of toons that won't help you at all. #1 thing in this game is resource management, so whan you take toons like jedi knight guadian to L50, even though it's just L50, those resouces could be spent on toons that aren't useless.
    2. Regardless of if you start over or not: get thrawn and ep with phoenix, then focus on bugs for their ships and to get padme.

    I was in the same spot as you, sorta, where I didn't find resources like the forums until at least a year or actualy more, after I started, but there is a lot of good advice here and on youtube now, which is nice.

    Try to get some high powered allies that will allow you to beat tougher missons that you couldn't complete on your own. That will let you do things like farm GBA before you ever could on you own. You may have to do missions you can't 3* for a while, but at least you will get a leg up. you can look on this forum as people offer up an ally spot to help n00bs all the time. pm me if you want me to be an ally as well, I have all the top guys (besides rey)

    you can also try and join a guild that is above you in power, and just farm tickets for them. Meaning, you will do all your dailies to get tickets they need to start raids. This allows them to raid more, and allows you to basically ride their coattails and get rewards from raids that you couldn't do on your own. Just say you will be a tickert-farm for them.

    ALso, I think with the hyperdrive bundle and alts in main guilds, as well as the awful thing CG allows where people build their toons and collect energy etc before even joining arena, ships is probably the easier path to the top. If you can increase your crystal income it will help you immensely.


    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Well I would not recommend starting over. While you can get back to where you are in a month or two in the grand scheme of things in a game that people play for years the resources you have used to date = diddly. Just focus on being more efficient in the future if that is the way you chose to play.

    My general advice to newer players with where the game is today is make Padme your first truly legit squad and work on unlocking her with Geos. Geos are very solid in the early game, awesome fleet as well. Very efficient use of resources there. And Padme is a stable squad for all serious players.

    A big second on loading up on high end allies. Lots of high level players are happy to share their ally code to newer players. And with a relic top end character you will be able to farm up so many nodes you would not be able to reach for a long time on your own.
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