Learn How To Mod JTR Squads In Only 5 Minutes!

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Welcome back to 5 Minute Modding everyone! Today were going to be looking at how to best mod your Jedi Training Rey Resistance squads! This is a very well rounded teams that has a variety of uses in the game, while not top tier it can be used to bring down many squads that are commonly met in TW or GAC with ease and also with a particular lineup can do amazing in LS Geo TB. Join me today as i show you all how to mod this team to be effective in all of the areas above. If you enjoy the video please be sure to drop it a like, subscribe to the channel and share it with your friends. Thanks for watching everyone.



  • Kisakee
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    Theorycrafting is fine and all but we never see how it works. The general idea is easy to understand but your thinking behind the whole composition never comes to show itself without any footage.
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