Mod slicing question.

Which would you slice first? I’m assuming the 14 speed, but wasn’t sure about the gold.iikf7ysv64yn.jpeg


  • The 14 speed and the grey are the only two in that group I would slice. The rest lack the potential to hit real quality speed and are not worth using slicing materials on.
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    Thanks @BlackBart besides having a decent starting speed, how can you tell a mods slicing potential?

    I curious because the purple seems like a possibility also. It has 9 speed and 2100 protection.
  • BlackBart
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    In an ideal world you want mods hitting up to 18 to 20+ speed. That is 4 to 5 hits on speed. If you are real hard core you might go 5 hits only but for most folks I think 4 hits is also pretty solid. So you look at how many hits on speed the mod has and consider the number of slices left.

    A gold mod has no slices left other then going to 6 dot. And 6 dot slicking material is hard to come by and only adds 1 point of speed so try not to use it on so so gold mods.

    A purple mod has 1 slice left so unless it is a 3 or 4 hits on speed I would not slice it unless I was swimming in slicing gear. Pretty rare occasion. Generally better to hang on to that material until a more promising mod comes along.

    A blue mod has 2 slices left so I would consider slicing at 2 or 3 hits on speed already.

    A green mod has 3 slices left so I would consider slicing at 1 or 2 hits on speed.

    A gray mod has 4 slices left so if it has speed it is in the running to be sliced up.

    Now that purple mod you are looking at is OK but when you consider at higher gear levels a 60 to 100k in protection is easy to reach. now 62 to 102k is really not much of a difference. Which is why we focus mostly on the speed.
  • Ok, thanks. Good info. I still have a lot to learn, lol.
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