Predicting All The Remaining GL Palpatine Requirements! - New CAPITAL SHIP + GAS Required?

Welcome back everyone, ive always enjoyed predicting upcoming legendary type events and the requirements they will need so i thought id put my thoughts into a video this time around and share them all with you. Join me today as i predict all of the remaining GL Palpatine requirements as well as the curveballs CG will try to add to get us to spend. While i have analyzed their past tactics, what makes sense and accounted for what would make them the most money, please keep in mind this is pure speculation on my part, this is nothing official and what you choose to do with my thoughts in this video are at your own choice. As always everyone if you enjoy the video please give it a like, share it with your friends and get in touch to let me know if you enjoy these types of videos! Thanks for watching!
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