GAS or GL?

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Hello, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this, sorry if it's not.
I just unlocked JKR few days ago and I'm finishing farming characters for DR. After I finish both and get Malak, I was thinking to start farming GAS, but with 2 new GL coming out soon, maybe is better idea go after one of them. What do you think, should I focus on GAS or GL?
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    How close are you to either character...
    GAS is the quickest to gear up, due to less characters but can be a harder dam. B1 and shaak in fleet, eta in fleet, seppie for Padme.

    The GLs are always going to be relevant, but whilst the majority of the characters are an easier farm, you need them at required gear levels, then the ticket system... makes it a bit of a pain... but in the end, they are worth it

    My opinion would be, make your main focus getting GAS. Save up any GET you get, to get GAS to 7 stars ASAP, then relic 7 him and the 501st. This should up you in arena whilst you side farm one of the GLs. The higher in arena, the more crystals you can put back into characters to up you in arena...

    TLDR. Farm GAS. Side farm a GL
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  • I'm still a bit far from GAS, I'm farming ewoks for C3PO, and separatist for Padme. Soon I'll start shaak ti and B1. It's a long farm, that's why I was thinking if I should to change my farm rute or keep focus on GAS hahah.
  • I was in the same boat and going GAS. You get a lot more out of him than you will a GL. You end up with your GG team, bunch of decent ships, and all the peripheral characters.

    Not saying he is better than any GL but for overall game play GAS goes further.
  • Go for GAS now, GL later

    GAS (for now) is a limited time event, GL’s are always there for you to work towards
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    RoBane1738 wrote: »
    Go for GAS now, GL later

    GAS (for now) is a limited time event, GL’s are always there for you to work towards

    GAS will be playable in journey guide 1 year after release, which is next month. If this player still doesn’t have c3po and Padmé, GAS will be playable anytime by the time they’re ready.
  • GAS
  • My two cents: I have GAS G12 and GL Rey R6 no ultimate. In arena, I have a nearly 100% success rate vs. GAS with my GL Rey team. I have gone 5-1 so far in this GAC simply from having a GL Rey team on defense. GAS really needs a full g13 team and GAS himself really needs to be R7. At this point, I would advise two things, wait to see what the new GL requirements are and see how good the GL's are. Otherwise, go for one of the existing GL's. I'm still grinding away on Kylo before tackling JKL. You may find that GAS could be a requirement for one of the new GL's.
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