arena bug? slkr vs rey with jkl

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In the middle of my arena battle, i used the 2nd option stasis strike to one shot jkl, suddenly all the options disappear and it wont even auto...anyone else have this issue?
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  • I can’t tell if you’re trolling?

    The missing buttons / freeze bug has been reported many many times. File a bug report at Answers HQ and they’ll toss it on the pile.
  • I havent had it happen to me mid arena and with slkr.... the last time ive had the disappearing buttons was with the nightsister deathstorm in p3 of the sith raid if you happened to kill a saber with the basic and resurrect a sister... that's why I'm asking if it's a mechanic or an aberration. It just wasted one of my arena battles which looks like it will cost me a top 5 today
  • Preaching to the choir buddy. This bug has been around for a year or more.
  • I guess to clarify, is the bug related to xyz. Like should i avoid slkr vs rey with jkl, will that consistently cause the bug as i mentioned with the death storm mechanism... that's why i asked. But since it sounds like it's just random then i dont have to avoid rey squads with jkl
  • I’ve experienced the Rey ultimate bug multiple times, but only when the opposing team has Hoda. If I were a betting man, I think he’s the culprit of the Rey bugs.
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    Preaching to the choir buddy. This bug has been around for a year or more.

    Yes and no. The resulting buttons disappearing has come from different sources and many of which have been resolved. Reporting them helps them isolate the remaining issues that can cause this.
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