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So im not directly a new player. I got locked out of my goh account for over 3 years. Couldnt connect to google play ...

I recently started playing again and so much has changed. Im not sure what to do next.

First i started farming phoenix sqad for thrawn. I run a empire team, so that made sense for me.

But then i switched to finishing old ben for CLS. I also have a decent rebell team ...

And now switched again to go for geonosians (already have Sun and Soldier on 7 stars). Cause i cant farm zetas yet and get destroyed in arena without a zeta. So im currently farming spy as my 5th dark side ship.

Im not sure where to go next. Finish spy and GBA for my 5 Geo team and get Padme on the way? Or go full Phoenix again for Thrawn even tho i dont need Phoenix in any other way ...

I think i cant stop farming spy now. Already have his ship on 5 stars but im not quite strong enough yet to clear the tarkin mission.

Here is my swgoh.gg link: https://swgoh.gg/p/382119149/
What would you all say? What should i do?
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  • You can easily pause the Geo farm to finish getting Thrawn at 7 star. Thrawn is just way too good of a toon not to get now while your account is young rather than scrambling to get him later when you realize he's a staple in many counter teams. Once done, go back to geos and get them ready for Padme.
  • Thanks. Then i go for phoenix first.

    Should i also stop farming geo spy? I cant farm zetas yet. And i think him on 7 stars will cut it.
  • Here is what I would do if I was you:
    1 Finnish Thrawn Phoenix at gear8 with good mods can do that.
    2 Go hard on Geos for three reasons: a) Better in arena than Empire b) useful dor DS Geo TB c) Padme
    3 Get yoda Asoka and GK geared up.
    4 Get both Revans and Malak subsequently
    5 Check how many raid tickets your guild produces daily (max 30k) If they are too casual look for a more active guild that plays at least DS Geo TB and hoard all the GET II tokens and farm preferably Malevolence and then Negotiator.

  • One thing I forgot to ask. Why doese your gg-porfile say notheing about fleet arena? You definitely wanna climb up that leaderboard as fast as you can to secure yourself some daily crystals. Also Star up Executrix to unlock the zeta challenge.
  • If your Phoenix can get 7* Thrawn, then getting the Emperor 7* is easy.

    Both Empire toons are worthy and can be used to get R2-D2, so hopefully you get enough Achievements to get Vader shards. All you need is other two empire toons.
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    My fleet arena rank is horrible. Rank 1400 or so. Just finished farming my DS ships to 5 stars. But i cant finish executrix yet. My geo spy ship isnt strong enough.

    I got:

    5* Geo Soldier (26330 str)
    5* SunFac (25723 str)
    5* TFP (31414 str)
    5* Slave 1 (28047 str)
    5* Geo Spy (16384 str)

    Cant even climb out of the top 1000 ... i get annihilated every battle.

    @khdelboy i already have EP and R2-D2. My Vader is also on 7 stars gear XII.

    I can just use phoenix to get thrawn.
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