Journey Guide Events Should be Permanently Unlocked Once Completed

As the title says. I like to play the Legendary events etc from time to time to kill time. I would like to play the JKL event again in the future for the nostalgia (queue the "I am your father" bit). I shouldn't take until the next instance or the full year to pass for me to play it again if I have already unlocked him.


  • ShaggyB wrote: »
    I honestly dont think they should ever do limited time them again.

    Just release to journey guide day 1 and let everyone get when they get them. Like Galactic Legends


    I would appreciate this a lot

    This same reason had me spreading around all over my farms

    When Journey guide came out I was happy to finally farm whatever I want and need at that time and not being scheduled of not being prepared at that time
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