Game does not load with WiFi

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So, just like 4 hours ago the game was totally fine, then wanted to play now, and it never loads on WiFi, this is an important fact, due that it actually loads when using mobile data.

I've tried so far
- Uninstalling the game
- Erase game cache
- Uninstalling Google play
- Reset WiFi
- Reset phone
- Unlog from my account and log back in

Nothing seems to work at all

Any more ideas on what could be causing the problem and why only happen when using WiFi?

Sorry if there's grammar errors, english is not by main language
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  • Try another wifi spot
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    Try another wifi spot

    No place I can test that

    Btw, new info added;

    This is not the only game in which happens this, seems like every game who has an interaction with Google play games suffer the same issue
  • Try resetting your WiFi router.
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