Sith team with darth maul leader

İs there any video about it because it will be awesome aoe fast team sidious +maul count doku savage oppres and gs


  • I use to run a Sith team with Vader lead, savage, maul, dooku, ventress. I could hit my way to the top, but fell to the 20's in 12 hours. All maxed accept Vader and Maul are 5 stars.
  • I wouldn't call Maul, Vader, and Savage Opress fast.
  • TMK
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    Such team would have high AoE damage and relatively high health but in the meantime, a lot of speedy teams would attack twice - as whole. You would get no chance to survive with all 5 characters this way, if opposing player doesn't have all Jedi team it makes things even worse.
  • But they miss some attacks which gives turn meter
  • Based on the speculation related to the next meta, I think a DM lead Sith team might be more viable. He gives Sith only characters turn meter which is huge. Somebody like Savage Opress can either dodge and get turn meter or take damage and get turn meter. Dooku is already fast as hell so this will just help. Sid already has high dodge so this will make him faster. I really like the idea and was thinking about it myself. The problem being, how do you get DM to 7-stars without dropping a ton of cash on cards? I'm not opposed to spending some money, but that's just too much to expect. I was kind of thinking...

    Darth Maul lead
    Savage Opress
    and either Daka (heal, res, more stuns) or Ventress for debuffing opponent's taunt. (granted neither are Sith)

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