10 Biggest Issues In SWGOH

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Welcome back to the channel everyone! Today we're going to be discussing the Top 10 Problems in SWGOH that CG needs to fix as well as my suggestions where applicable of how to actually fix them with minimal monetary loss/input from CG. I think it's safe to assume the community as a whole is very disheartened with the decisions made by CG within the past 12 months and I'm hoping with enough traction there's the smallest chance someone at CG might see the suggestions in this video. I know its a long shot and probably won't happen but who knows maybe we will get lucky, please do your best to help me in this goal by sharing the video with as many players as you can, leaving a like, and subscribing to the channel. I hope everyone enjoys the video regardless!

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    so ive just came across a video from a YouTuber.

    10 biggest problems and solutions. (Link below)
    He makes some great points and the solutions are simple too.

    Sandbox mode
    Gear crunch

    I won't give away too much as it is well worth 15mins of your time.

    Its a long shot but ive posted in the hope that a dev sees this and at the very minimum a discussion is had about some of the stuff the community actually want. Im not saying he's captured every frustration of the community but its a good start.

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  • UdalCuain wrote: »
    "just came across"? As in "check out this video by my guildmate?"

    How can you tell if they’re in the same guild?
  • Yeah, I watched it (baited).
    Tell to the youtuber that holding so much mod energy isn’t doing any good for him (unless the DD on mod energy is a few hours away).
    The first “solution” I really support (don’t think it will happen but would be a very good thing)
    The second thing (600) won’t happen unless they move the bar up, they already told us, if they would count mod and fleet energy to the 600 the max cap would be 900/1000 or something like it and not 600 anymore. A long with that, the price to launch a raid would go up too (CG won’t let us do more raid than we can already do) so it would be pointless to change.
    Gear crouch will never be removed, yes would be nice to have more place to farm/obtain gear (GC and assault battles are new places to obtain it). Kyros are (until now) always used to g13 (they need to create a demand when it was first introduced otherwise we would only need it in new toos and they would require much more kyros). I am always wanting more gear but that won’t change. We got some characters that don’t need that much kyros Hux, cara,greef only need 100 of one of the kyrotech. However the youtuber guy is right about g8 to g12 gear crouch.

    4,5 and 7 would be a nice thing indeed.

    A raid won’t be the solution that people think. I like raids, but they aren’t that magical thing people talk about that makes the game so much better and address the gear crounch (we still have bottleneck from the FIRST raid) HSTR came and was a mess.

    There aren’t anything to say about 9 and 10. They told us they won’t make a sandbox mode. RNG is part of the game, yes, LS GEO TB is bad (people forget that once we said it about DS GEO TB too...) but they already said that they were ok with the difficulty of it
  • I agree with the bulk of this to be honest, unfortunately, I just don't see CG doing any of this.
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