Are you using JKL in squad arena?

Really like Luke - solid kit. I'm just not sure if a squad arena team has been identified for him yet or if he's supposed to help out with LS GEO TB. I'm thinking Luke, Hermit Yoda, Old Ben, Shaak and Barriss would be pretty solid. Any thoughts?


  • Kyno
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    it really depends on where you shard is at on the META scale, but yes he is a solid lead.

    seeing him as a lead or teammate on GL Rey teams.
  • TVF
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    Since the best part of his lead is useless against GLs, I really struggle to see how he could be relevant as a lead until you're far enough down that you aren't seeing GLs.

    He's great under Rey though.
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  • Yeah, I see him with Rey fairly often. Sometimes with JKR lead, Rey, JKL, etc.
  • JKR lead, JKL, Bastila/Shaaq, Hermit Yoda, and OldBen/GAS can beat GLs in Arena with the right strategy
  • Since SLKR mirrors are annoying, JKR+JKL vs SLKR is my go to matchup and also a good practice for GAC.
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  • JKR (L), Rey, JKL, GK, GAS
  • TVF wrote: »
    Since the best part of his lead is useless against GLs, I really struggle to see how he could be relevant as a lead until you're far enough down that you aren't seeing GLs.

    He's great under Rey though.

    Agreed. Can take out an SLKR team without Rey’s ult with JKL. Rey, GAS, JKL, GK, JKR.
  • Zaguls
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    I use Jkl/jkr/hoda/gmy/ob and can punch up and beat better modded r7 GAS and Dr with mostly g12 and a r7 gmy. The nice part is you only need to gear hoda for speed, so opens up a lot of theorycrafting. Big issue on d though, if hoda doesnt use heros arise first turn to get jkl to 100% tm you're toast.

    heros arise is so underestimated right now though

    Update: someone in my shard using mostly r4 jkr lead, shaakti/jkl/ob/hoda and took #1 for a couple hours today beating out 50+ better modded r7 GLs, they have him modded for attack to roughly 12k before all that offense up from hoda/heros arise/shaak ti. Think he just 1 shots everything at that point.
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  • I’ve been using Luke and his synergies, other than KiAdi. It’s been pretty effective and hope it will jump a good chunk more on Saturday or slightly earlier when GAS finally hits 7* and then relic 7. Unfortunately my focus on Legend Luke prevents me from further relicing the Yodas temporarily (unless one shows up in part 3, needing a higher level).
  • I don't use JKL as the leader. But he makes a fine addition to Revan's team! ;) The team to beat SLKR has already been mentioned. For beating Rey it's Luke Nukem (you'll find it on youtube) which is JKR, JKL, Bastila, Gas & Hoda. Needs specific modding, doesn't really hold on defence, but it works.
  • An update after a week of use at relic levels if anyone else might find it useful.

    I use JKL(L)/JKA/GBA/Hoda/GMY, reliably beats GAS clones and close to 100% against DR teams with Malak/Wat at R7 +150/160 speed, and I'm more r4 without Hoda zetas and bad modding. It also ocationally beats GLKylo, but no luck against GLrey/jkl/gas teams yet.

    The premise is hoda goes first or they hit brute and JKA starts HA, and then non-GLs fall apart.

    Against GLs it does ok, kills everyone but the GL most matches but does bring it down to orange health. Still figuring out the correct modding but feel it's close to taking out GLs reliably on attack ( prob 0% hold on D) but seems to hold reasonably well on D against Non-GL teams.

    CG did well with JKL, most required toons were a previous meta or commonly owned for HSith or hoth tb so just had to gear up the useless lando/rolo/han, very ftp friendly for vets.
  • I'm a rarity in my shard as I've passed on farming current GLs however I did get JKL the 1st time out. I run 4 versions to counter GAS, Drevan, GL Rey & GL Kylo. Core team is JKR(L), JKL, GAS, Hoda. The 5th rotates: Raid Han for GAS, GK for Drevan, Thrawn for Rey & GBA for SLKR. Against GAS & Drevan its a 99% win rate unless its horrible rng. GL Rey is 75%+ win rate especially vs full resistance, lower vs mixed. SLKR is the toughest at about 50/50. Those are ultimate GLs, non ultimate is easy. JKL is really the engine that makes it work with his Jedi Will. Always call Gas as the assist on special #1 so they both gain it. That coupled with masters training and they are 1-shot countering SLKR teams. Rey teams require more patience & strategy but I go for rey 1st & usually take out 1 other before she goes down. Also only my GAS & JKL are R7 all others are R2-5.
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