First Order Team: Slot #4, 5

Hi All,

I would like to get your idea on who should be my 4th and 5th toons for my First Order Team that will be placed on DEF for the next GAC.

See details below

Sith Trooper: R5
Kylo Ren: R5

Three possible toons for last 2 spot:
FOTP(no zeta): G11
Executioner(no zeta): G11
Hux(no zeta, 5*): G9

I am hesitating between FOTP and Hux for the 5th slot. What do you guys think?


  • Hux and Executioner would probably be your best choice.

    Hux can call mass assists and give bonus turns, which works very well with KRU by giving everyone free TM (assuming you have a Zeta on his lead), whereas Executioner takes that to a whole new level, as he already gives bonus TM to FO on crit, plus, if you defeat someone with Death Sentence, Executioner will get bonus 80% TM just by defeating an enemy + 30% extra if it's a crit, thus allowing the entire team to run circles or even let FOE to solo the enemy team, if they are weak enough/your Executioner is modded correctly.

    FOTP, while potentially getting extra 40% TM from his basic, does offer less utility to the team aside from damage dealing than Executioner.

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