7* Sodas, fully geared breadsticks, and free pizza dough. Why the android event was meh.

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This is actually a critique of the 15 days of free droid cards event on Android, but the premise can carry over into daily login rewards and other facets too. I'll make it back to the title.

It's my 2nd account that I started recently, (so I didn't have the droids to play the event, this is purely about the daily cards portion) I logged in for maybe 10 days and got exactly 20 shards divided randomly among 4 droids out of the free cards they give you, not enough to unlock anything. By comparison, I can get about 25-30 shards a day just farming normally. So after 10 days of login rewards during a "special event", I actually got less than a day's worth of stuff and didn't get to choose who for, nor do I plan to level magnaguard for instance so, even far less useful than the actual 20 number. :neutral: There's a really obvious opportunity missed here and it's the bad business sense that has me more angry than feeling like I didn't get enough free stuff. Who cares if you cough up a 2 star droid, or even 2 of them? It's like giving me free pizza dough that can only be used at your pizza parlor. The dough costs you next to nothing, but obviously I'm going to want to pay you to put toppings on it and deck it out all nice assuming I'm into that in the first place. I'm then maybe going to want something to go with my tasty new droid pizza. Say some 7 star Poggle breadsticks, and a fully geared Poe'ca-cola.

The point is that the game is stingy about something it should be liberal about from a purely business perspective, but your players would be happier too. Giving me an unfinished shell of a character can only incentivize playing and leveling that character, but I'd still be excited. I mean, if giving away steering wheels led to a much higher chance that people would come spend money on the rest of the car we'd all be getting steering wheels in the mail like AOL 50 free hour coasters. ALL of that is besides the fact that this was supposed to be an event! In that regard, the free card part was completely lackluster. Bonus opportunity lost: You could have coaxed me toward playing the event and getting excited about it by giving away droids!

Maybe next time.

(BTW, I also expected to have Cad Bane unlocked after a full month of logins, same exact premise...being stingy with free pizza dough makes no business sense at all)
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