Trium raid slkr p1

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I m wondering why when I watch videos about soloing this raid with slkr and 1st order team i see nihilus aiming at hux, for example, and this one surviving.
Even my slkr does not survive (he has not yet ultimate ability)
If someone can explain this mystery I would be thankful to him because I return the subject again and again in my head and don't find yet. Most of those videos shows hoda and thrawn in the team but not all (the anhald one for example) so I don't think it's linked...
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    They’re probably using the unbreakable will event ability, which leaves them on 1 health
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    That's exactly that! I already have 7 stars traya but never saw this ability before 😁
    So that you may be a 3 years old player and still be a rookie
    Thank you for your help
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