Empire squad abilities.

Hi all,

I have a question about my empire squad abilities. I’m building EP(L), DV, GMT, Thrawn, and TFP.

After tomorrow’s challenges, I’ll have about 40 purple mats. What do you think is the best use of these? EP’s leader then basic’s? uniques? Special’s?

FYI - I’ve had DV, GMT, and TFP for a bit longer, so they’re a little ahead. EP & Thrawn don’t have any purples yet.



  • If you are sweating where to spend purple first you may micromanage yourself right into the ground when you reach Omegas and Zetas.

    EP leadership would be my first choice if you can reach level 7 for bonus turn meter gain. TM is the decider in almost all things.
  • @BlackBart omegas and zetas might make me loose my mind, lol.

    But seriously, at my level (78), I’m only earning about 50 purple mats a week. They get gobbled up quick.
  • EP lead transforms that squad. Max it, including the zeta as soon as you can. 5% turn meter gain doesn't sound like much until you think about how many debuffs that squad generates.
  • Purples become a problem for a while, eventually it does go away.

    I've been playing for 17 months now & finally the purples are sitting at 1000 or so.

    But yeah, at that level, when your trying to upgrade 4+ teams at the same time, working to complete G-War every day, it gets VERY tight for a several months.

    Emperor Lead is a very good one to be sure, its one of the few abilities on the Empire team you have that you just HAVE to Zeta. Honestly, I use that same team and Palp Lead & Vader's new one (MM) are the only 2 I've ever put into them.
  • I can relate to the OP. When you're a beginner in the game the purple mats are pretty much like zetas haha!

    In my humble opinion (still a relative newbie myself) I would focus your purple mats on uniques because they don't require turns. From there I always prioritize leaders, so yeah, Palps lead you can't go wrong with. Thrawn's fracture as well. Basically you want to upgrade the most impactful and powerful abilities first.

    I know you're asking about purple mats but just some friendly advice ahead of time: when you're ready for zetas, prioritize Vader's Merciless Massacre. That was my first zeta. Needless to say, it changes the battle completely, especially if your DV is really fast and you know he can get it off right off the hop.
  • heateris wrote: »
    @BlackBart omegas and zetas might make me loose my mind, lol.

    But seriously, at my level (78), I’m only earning about 50 purple mats a week. They get gobbled up quick.

    That they do, my friend!

    One thing to keep in mind as well: once you start farming for other Legendary characters, make a point of researching what the minimum requirements are for gear, abilities, mods etc. for the squads you need to get them (unless they're characters you're going to make use of beyond the events of course). I just tonight unlocked 7* BB-8. I had unlocked him at 6* awhile ago but was having trouble finding motivation to spend time and resources to improve my FO squad because they really seem useless to me going forward. However, it was still bugging me like a chore I was putting off. I finally played with the mods a bit more and decided tonight what the hell and boom! I did it. All it took was those small tweaks.

    My point? To your point about purple mats being gobbled up, make sure you ask around about what squads can be underpowered and save yourself those precious ability mats and frustration. Some of the events are much easier than others (GMY anyone??) and sometimes all it takes is a squad with a certain beefed up character to make it all work. Others you can do the bare minimum and then forget them entirely after the event is over and you've still got more resources left than you thought for your important characters and SA team.
  • Vader: Basic to level 5, Force crush to level 5, Culling to max, Merciless you can mostly ignore until you can zeta it, Lead entirely ignore, Unique to max.

    Palp: Basic to max, aoe stun to level 5, health drain: level 6 OR ignore, Lead max, unique either ignore or max, depending on how much of an effect it would have for your current squad arena matchups.

    Thrawn: Basic: W/e, Fracture: w/e (while it's the main reason you use thrawn, outside the final upgrade it's just damage), TM swap: ignore or max, Lead: Ignore (for now), Unique: MAX

    Tarkin: Max everything except his lead. Unique is probably lowest priority by far.

    TFP: I'd say max everything, but unique/aoe have priority.

    Vader's actives (basic, force crush) are probably more important than TFP and Tarkin's basics.

    I'd say priority would probably be palp's lead -> force crush to 5 -> thrawn's unique -> culling to max -> vader's basic to 5 -> intimidation tactics to 5 -> everything else.

    Obviously, you want everything maxed eventually, and TFP and Tarkin are probably overall lowest priority if you want to use vader long-term since there's much better future characters you can replace them with in the future. (Shoretrooper, IPD, BSF, Traya, etc.) - But that's more of a gear/omega/zeta concern, as purples quickly become far less of a concern as they initially seem.
  • Excellent advice everyone, thanks!!!

    I ended up taking EP’s lead and DV’s “no escape” seven then tried to level out the rest of the team.

    My quick count says I still need 225 purples to get all there basics, specials, and uniques to seven.

    The grind is real.
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