Bounty Hunter Ships

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Whats the best fleet with bounty hunter ships?
They seem to be powerful but dont sit well with any capital ships.
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  • I would say malevolence and then empire. With malevolence you have IG that synergies with separatists.
  • They are filler.

    Hounds Tooth gets used as a crutch for every other fleet.

    Xanadu Blood is best used as a breach-buddy for Hounds Tooth but when HT is used with another faction fleet that usually weakens the lineup.

    Squish 1 hits like a wet noodle until you get to its special which takes too long to get to and if used as a reinforcement it taunts which is a bad idea for such a squishy ship.

    IG-2000 has more synergy with the Separatists but is optional even there.
  • They are not as strong as they look. As a stand alone fleet they are rather blah compared to other options. There are really only a couple of reasons to go for them as a fleet.

    1 - to get Han's Falcon - Not a big priority if your in a guild that gets you GET2 as your end goal will be Malevolence or Negotiator.

    2 - as a passion project

    But to answer your question, Endurance probably, force taunt back to HT when they get it off + protection recovery plays well. But you would have a stronger overall fleet running HT and the better Gal Republic ships.
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