Help with 14.0 Apple update please... two boys ages 10 & 8 love this game. Each play on separate iPads on my Game Center account or however it works..!?! The user name is AtariAger. My 10 year old was level 60 with all of his favorite characters and what not on his iPad. My 8 year old the same...all of his favs unlocked on his iPad. Both games their own. Saturday I updated both iPads to 14.0 and EVERYTHING was wiped out on both iPads. Both kids heartbroken. Worst Dad ever. I reported the problem to Apple and was issued a refund for all in app purchases. Can anyone help get my kids back to their status..? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks very much and all the best.

~Tom (AtariAger)


  • One was signed in and one wasn’t.. I don’t think you can have two accounts on the same game centre ID one would have to be a guest. If you had the player IDs for each then support might help.

    But if you don’t and you have had refunds from Apple then I’m guessing your out of luck, level 60 isn’t a large timesink to get back to and you/they won’t have unlocked a lot by that stage, unless they were hoarding accounts and as they are young kids I’m guessing they weren’t.

    Best advice, restart them and set them up with there own Apple ID so they can save there progress going forward. @AtariAger sorry!
  • Kyno
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    From what was said, I don't think either was signed in, they were both most likely playing on guest accounts on each device.

    If you have the game ID, or even ally code you may be able to go through EAHelp, and get the game restored. Then you should set up each with an game center account and bind it, so it can never get lost.
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