Best non-Solo use of SLKR

Just recently unlocked, Zeta'd, and G13'd Supreme Leader Kyro Ren. Unfortunately, I don't have Thrawn or Traya modded and geared enough for the solo attempt. That being said, what phase and team is the best use of him for now?


  • I have been getting about 20% of p1, all of p2 and then a chunk off p3..but I have a relic thrawn/hermit, prior to that, I was doing 20% of p1 and 90-100% of p2.. p3 I just died pretty quickly..

    Started at around 65/70 mil and last run I went over a 100mil. Still playing with speeds to get further.. not sure of kylo speeds without ult, but it’s still a decent score for me atm.
  • Who's the rest of the team? I'm a ways off from the Ultimate. G12+3 Thrawn and only a G11 HY unfortunately.
  • Damodamo
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    Hux lead, foo, slkr, thrawn and hermit..I don’t have the ult yet either.

    I started with a g11 hermit and g12+2 thrawn.. if you ignore most of p1 you should be able to knock nihlus off before he insta kills anyone so you don’t need to stress too much and p2 is fairly easy with the lower gear, just make them as fast as possible thrawn as close to 300 and hyoda as fast as poss, I have hux at 317 and foo at around 305 @Vendi1983
  • Alright thanks. I don't have that much speed for FOO unless I start swapping around just for the raid but I'll see what I can do.

  • No worries
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