They still won’t fix the gear crunch.

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If the GC’s stay running as often as they are with the current reward structure, it still isn’t going to make a dent in the ever expanding gear crunch. I understand this game needs to make money, but the rate at which your investment is deteriorated is getting nuts. We need meaningful change in order ease the gear crunch so it’s not such a massive resources and even money investment just to get characters to G9....a gear level that is absolutely useless with relics around. Here’s how it can be done.

1.) Increase farming locations for bottleneck gear in nodes. Later hard nodes where new character shards come in should also have a highly needed gear piece added with it. Keep the drop rates the same by all means, but over time this will help players farming shards immensely with gear too. For example with a shard drop rate of 33%, you’re looking at about 850 rolls for a marquee character to be maxed if you don’t buy any packs (280 shards needed). Now factor in a 20% drop rate for some needed gear and you’re looking at 170 pieces of salvage for what gear piece is there roughly. That may not seem like much but over the life of a farm that helps immensely.

2.) Add updated gear to the daily challenges. It was promised in a Q&A last year that the daily challenges would be getting new tiers. This needs to happen. The TAC challenge is all but useless except for relic scrap. Same goes for the AGI challenge outside the mk6 syringe salvage but even then it builds up quick. The only useful challenge still is STR for carbs and gold eyeball salvage. Add a new tier for all 3 and have a highly needed gear salvage the new rewards. Pick from any pool of stun guns, stun cuffs, Gold components, base G12 gear, mk5 thermal detonators, mk 5 droid callers...and the list goes on.

3.) Restructure Raid rewards. The HSTR rewards outside the top 10 are horrible and absolute garbage. Everyone agrees. They need to be balanced more and give better gear. Outside of G12+ salvage it’s absolutely terrible gear; with a lot of it repeats from HAAT drops. Looking at you Mk10 weapon blast tech. Make HAAT simmable with specified gear for the reward slots.

Enough is enough devs. You’ve pushed this gear crunch way too far and with another batch of GL’s coming soon that will demand another round of 20+ relic characters, it’s time you do right by the community and ease the gear crunch as you’ve been promising us you would to for a long time now
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