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I know CG said "there is no proof that sandbox mode would be something players would like to have" but from speaking to my guildies,shard chat fellows and GAC opponents,I beg to differ.
Implementing sandbox mode,even if its only guild restricted,would spark a fire in many players who are losing interest in the game.
Trying different combos and counter for different teams would be really,REALLY beneficial and I myself would spend more time playing the game,brainstorming with friends about possible counters to good teams.In the sea of good teams,galactic legends,hero journey toons...I just dont have time or will to read all the kits and mechanics.Having possibility to try out things and learning through battles would totally change perspective of the game.
Dont get me wrong,I dont mind spending crystals trying different counters in the Arena but its time consuming and impractical.
So please,consider the idea of sandbox mode again,I beg you.I think I share opinion with many players regarding this idea.
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