Why did you take my Guardians of the Whills title?

So I got this cool title for using Old Ben and my Phoenix Jedi... and to use these Jedi made sense... but then after having the title for a week or so you guys took it way from me and this GA I notice that you changed the toons I need to use to get it again... toons I sat on Defense.... what gives? I already earned the title and now your making me do it all again with new toons? That is even if the title will be up for the next GAC.... what a rip off.... you guys at CG need to get your act together.... It seems like every time you guys do 1 thing that is good there are 10 things that happen just to off set it. At least let all of us that earned the title the FIRST time keep it... don't just pull a stealth nerf and hope no one notices!
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