I miss marquees.

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Title of the post? I do, I miss them. Last years frequency might have been a little much I guess. For the record I dont really feel that way, but I do understand from a game balance, bloat, kinda way as to why the frequency before might have been "bad" or unsustainable.

But man I'd like one every two weeks. And they dont need to be meta. I dont think so at least. I've wanted to see a phoenix/nightsister power level mostly marquee squad for a while. Black Sun, Kotor 2, Inferno squad, Dr aphra and friends, whoever. But a mid range jumping into end game play style squad that's an alternative starting point that a player could choose instead of Phoenix or night sisters. Nothing wrong with them, I just would like more. Because I'm an insatiable glutton for star wars?

Anyway thats about it. I like marquees. They bring a sunnier spot to my day. I'd like more of them. It could be ponda boba and Dr evenzan. Could you imagine the hype and speculation if max rebo band came as a series of marquees? "Omg jabba gl confirmed" theres so many options and so many different niches that a two letter abbreviation for a steers feces marquee characters can fill, looking at you 3v3 gac. Gib more star wars dudes plz.

Edit: Fixed a naughty pair of letters that is probably more pleasant to read than eight words describing the commonly accepted use.

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  • Ton of characters already this year.
  • Perhaps. I'm not saying I want more galactic legends, event toons, galactic chase releases, or straight to node releases.

    I'm saying I miss marquees because I like the event structure that let's you play the character maxed out a little and those events specifically bring me joy that lately I have missed.
  • Also it feels like were 1000 pounds short and a few cubic feet away from a ton. But thanks for helping me clarify that specifically I want marquee releases .... like I said.
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    an influx of toons like that that would be problematic for many reasons.

    one would be too many paths and opportunities for mistakes by newer players.

    on the other side, we dont really have places to use a lot more toons, and we dont really have the gear income to bring more toons to a useful place once you get to a place where everything is on farm......
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