What ever happened to the susposed rework to fix cold streaks?

Ima Gun Di, working on his hard node. I'm working on his hard node and spending money to refresh his hard node. I've spent a really big huge amount of money on this game. Questions, why when you spend crystals to refresh a node does it not increase your drop rate on the drops from said node? 0/36, last 3 days farming Di I've simmed both his hard nodes, then refreshed them, spending 50 crystals each time, not to mention energy refreshes to actually do the fights. 0/36, that is unacceptable and wrong and a slap in the face to the people paying your paycheck. Think about it.


  • I just went through 27 battles on Cantina 2 for Obi Wan shards. I need 2 more to get him to 6* and through 27 battles I've gotten the same drops of training droids and NO OBI WAN SHARDS.

    I don't get how anyone can waste money on this app when every drop is like spinning a slot machine.

    So yeah I feel you dude. I wouldn't spend a dime on this game. EA is awful. They ruined Star Wars Battlefront and they're ruining this game for all the potential it has. They're up there with AT&T and the Westboro Baptist Church on terrible businesses.
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