Malevolence reinforcement bug

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Was doing an Arena battle vs another Malevolence fleet when this bug happened. I'm sure Malevolence users know of the small bug when the enemy kills your Vulture droid(the original, not the summoned ones) and your Malevolence gets a turn while the killed Vulture summons a second Vulture. The Malevolence then shows that reinforcements are available even though you can't call any because your field is full. But it's basically a visual bug when it happens to you, because all it does is not greying out the reinforcement button, so no big deal.

But this is the first time I saw it happen to the enemy. Since the AI calls the reinforcement immediately (as opposed to the human player selecting one, which takes a few seconds) it called in a reinforcement to the spot where the summoned Vulture droid just appeared, creating a 6v5 situation. It was not a visual bug since the ship was able to take turns and I could also target it (which was also super hard to do because there were 2 ships at the same spot and it was not easy to see who you are attacking). Did this ever happen to anyone here? It is a pretty unfair bug that can easily cause you to lose the battle. To me it happened in Arena so it didn't matter too much (and I still won anyway), but it'd be very frustrating to see it happen in TW or GAC, possibly making you lose the battle or even the whole thing if you're unlucky enough.


  • @Kyno Do you know if the devs know about this bug? If they don't, please inform them if possible. I don't know how hard it is to fix this (I assume it's not easy), but the devs should at least know about it and possibly work on it some time. It's a very rare bug, but a dangerous one when it does happen.
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    The beat way to make them aware of any bug or issue is to report it to Answers HQ.
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