Fully heroic, GeoTB guild looking for merger. 8-10 spots.

Hey everyone! We're The Force Remembers, currently sitting at 130 mil GP, an active casual guild for players that wanna get in on the action but still have a life outside the game.

We've recently lost a few of our players to retirements so we're looking for a group to join us. Officer spot will be available for any incoming merger. We don't have many rules and prefer staying together.

We have:

>Fully heroic guild with regular raids: HSTR 2.5x per week, HAAT/PIT 3.5x per week. Pit simmed.
>GeoTBs: DSGeo 11* (6-8 Wat shards and improving), LSGeo 5*, LSHoth 35* (will be switching to LSGeo for now).
>Territory War ~60% win rate, working on meta squads to improve.
>A chill group of adults from across the world who love Star Wars and all that other nerd **** (yes we love Star Trek as well haha).

Please contact me here, or via Discord at Exar Kun#8101 , or in-game at 974 961 999.

Raids start 1600 PST. Guild refresh 1800 PST


  • Had a small influx of players. We're now at. 150 mil and have a few more spots available. Got 6* in LSGEO so definitely looking to improve it now.
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