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So a long time ago in a SWGoH far far away Galactic War was very challenging. Almost impossible so days. Now we have the ability to sim the event so it is very easy. But what if you guys added a difficulty selection. Could be normal, hard and Good luck May the force be with you. At higher difficulty levels the teams you gave would get more and more difficult resulting in having to battle META teams And comps. You may have to face Jedi knight Revan, Darth Revan, General Skywalker, General Grievous and even Galactic legends. Team comps could come from teams most often faced in Galactic Championship. Giving players a chance to face the greatest teams this game has. While still allowing people to opt out and sim the event. Please consider this idea because it could add a new improved game mode with existing tools you have in place.


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    A lot of people were asking for a "hard mode" switch for a while after GW was nerfed. It sadly looks as though it won't happen.
  • I've been wanting a hard mode for awhile but may I suggest a few changes.

    1. It should be in addition to simming the easy mode. And it should have additional rewards. Probably wouldn't unlock until level 85 and if you can sim easy mode.

    2. It should only become simable once you master it. Beat it 50 times. Then you can choose to sim if you want.

    3. It should include a mix of what you see in your gac for your division so those that want a sandbox mode get their way. Just like the other gw you can use toons until defeated but they don't regain health. For most end game players, they should be ok since you have enough teams to m add ke it through but there is the challenge of saving your strongest team in case you need it.

    Another idea would be to have a tier for each gac division and you can only sim the tier when you surpass that division. And you can only sim your current tier when you have beaten it 50 times. That way it provides content for many different levels of players.

    Of course, it would need rewards. My idea would be some of the shards needed for gl requirements and a new currency. They could put it in the gw ssf store like they do with the guild event 2 currency. Put some newer character shards in there and some gear people need.

    I think this would be replayable daily content they promised with Galactic challenges. And if you had it based on gac teams then it would be almost like a sandbox mode like many want. But it would have rewards so people would play it more than if they just put in a regular sandbox mode with no rewards.
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    A lot of people were asking for a "hard mode" switch for a while after GW was nerfed. It sadly looks as though it won't happen.

    Of course it won’t happen there is no money to be made in it unless you charge for being able to do hard mode
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