Arihnda Pryce Kit Idea - Please Check Out

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Name:Arihnda Pryce
Tags:Dark Side, Support (AGI), Empire
Basic:Supporting Blast - Omega - Level 8
Description:Deal Physical damage to target enemy. Grant 15% Turn Meter to a Random Ally.
Special:Imperial Determination - CoolDown:3 - Omega - Level 8
Description:Dispel all Buffs from Enemies. Then Dispel All Debuffs from the Target Ally and Grant them Advantage for 2 turns. Pryce and The Target Ally Recover 5% Protection for each Status Effect Dispelled.
Special:Devastating Skirmish - CoolDown:4 - Omega - Level 8
Description:Deal Physical damage to Target enemy Three Times(Each Deals 15% Less Damage than the Previous one) and Inflict Ability Block for 2 turns, Speed Down and Accuracy Down for 3 turns. Grant Empire allies Defense Penetration Up for 2 turns.
Unique:Governor of the Lothal Sector - Zeta - Level 8
Description:Arihnda Pryce has +25% Health Steal and Additional 5% for each Empire Ally.
Other Empire allies gain Offense Equal to 20% Of Pryce's Offense.

(Zeta At the Start of each Encounter, If Arihnda has 100% Health, Enemies have -25% Speed(Stacking) until the End of their Next Turn.)
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