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We've just reached first Geo TB. And I have a very stupid question about our move priorities. What's first? Battles or platoons? Obviously platoons)) But, does P1 platoons affect P1 battles?

And if y have some advices for a young guild on it's first Geo-steps, you're welcome))

Our guild profile for advices -

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    P1 platoons do not affect P1 combats, but I think P2 and P3 do affect their own combats. You will want to pick and choose what you fill probably, to maximize stars and specials.

    Edit: and for farming priorities: Geos > Sep Droids > NS
  • you should be able to see what the platoons affect by clicking on the platoon part. the squares in yellow show which zones are affected.

    geos #1
    sep droids #2 - use magna for the special mission in bottom zone p1 until you get wat
    drev/ep-vader etc next. I would put NS down the list bc they need high relics in later zones, but geos #1 for sure, so you can get wat shards
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • The way for a guild with a bit less GP and squads to work with is to intentionally not try to star every territory open to you. If you do you will end up with a lot of 1 star results.

    You will have to do some figuring based on your gp to decide how to approach it but pick one squad territory to hopefully get to 2 or 3 stars. Any excess points can go to push the other territory close to but not over the star level. Then in the next phase push that one to 2 or 3 stars while prepping the next squad territory for the following phase.
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    The yellow squares indicate which territories are affected by the platoons. If you click the description you will see which bonus you will get by filling 2/4/6 platoons. It's just like in Hoth TB.


    This interactive map could help you with recommended teams for each mission. It hasn't been updated this year, so new characters (GLs/BH/FO etc.) are not included.

    On the swgoh wiki page you will find various information regarding the TB. In the "zone information" you will see the points thresholds for reaching each star. It could help you plan and set your targets for each zone. Sometimes you could benefit from NOT hitting the first star in a territory but instead end up just below the threshold to be take 2 or 3 stars when you replay that territory in the next phase (your score will carry over to the next phase if you didn't score a star).

    Welcome to Geonosis :-)
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