6-A Mods Are Coming To The Holotables!

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Next week, Mods are getting a boost with the introduction of Tiers 6-D through 6-A. Improve your best Mods even further with these additional tiers of power and feel like you can take on the whole Empire yourself!

Much like 6-E, 6-D to 6-A Mods can’t be directly earned as a reward. Instead you’ll need new Mk2 Slicing Materials to upgrade your 6-E Mods. Just like previous tiers, each time you upgrade your Mods it will provide an extra roll on one of the Secondary Stats but individual Secondary Stats still cannot roll more than 5 times. This means the maximum amount of Speed a mod can have will continue to be capped at what it is now and allows other Secondary Stats to be more valuable. Primary stats receive a boost when upgrading from 5-A to 6-E but the Primary Stat won’t increase as you continue to upgrade from 6-E to 6-A.

New Materials:
  • Mk2 Circuit Breaker Module
  • Mk2 Thermal Exchange Unit
  • Mk2 Variable Resistor
  • Mk2 Microprocessor

These Mk2 Slicing Materials are needed to upgrade your 6-E mods and can be earned from Galactic Challenges starting next week. You will earn Slicing materials from completing certain tiers and feats. The upcoming Galactic Challenge will reward Mk2 Slicing Materials for completing Tiers 4-7 and from several feats.

Thanks for reading folks and see you on the Holotables.
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