Buzzing noise followed by freeze

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I know this is not really the right place for this,but some players have this issue for more then 1 year and there are no updates from CG,there is also a thread on forums but no luck at all so far,and it looks like no body is looking into it since CG did not respond for more the 6 month,some players (me included)get a buzzing noise and if i am in a battle i get a freeze in like 20 seconds,the buzz will continue until i force closed the app,it started 2 months ago when i changed my old samsung s8 phone with a samsung s 20+ 5g(before i had no issue).On the EA Help there are multiple android devices experiencing this issue,so is not related to a specific model,please help us get some attention on this issue and maybe resolve it


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    You will need to report this to Answers HQ ,that is the best way to highlight bugs and issues.
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