Please add rejoin feature in GA

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edited October 2020
This request comes up every single GA join - Please add the ability to rejoin GA.

This is a big deal to people who accidentally join with poor modding on. It is ridiculous that such a basic and anger reducing feature is not in the game yet.

I just did it on accident thinking I was checking the results of the last round. I have about half my mods on my top 80 toons, because I remod entirely for every P4 DS TB fight.


  • Iy4oy4s
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    Yup...I pulled a bonehead move and did just that. It’s beyond time to add least for the first 12 hours of the sign up period.
  • I accidentally did the same thing today. The problem is it becomes muscle memory to hit the enter/join button whenever I open GAC main screen. I’ve done this before too. So I’m always a nervous wreck around GAC home screen. It seems like such an easy quality of life update to add a leave and rejoin option like TW.
  • or at the very least a confirmation button. Something like:
  • Bump. This is still a needed change. It probably makes people quit occasionally, very frustrating to lose a week of GA (quality week at least) due to muscle memory.
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