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I'm working towards CLS atm and I'm thinking of going after the bugs when CLS is done.

Question is, what bugs should I farm? I've not touched them at all. Probably because I've never cared for them in the Star Wars Galaxy tbh. But I know they're needed for the ships and Padme.

So yeah, what bugs should I farm and from what store specifically?

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  • There are only 5 bugs, which you probably know. iirc spy, soldier and sun fac are found in fleet store and I might be wrong but sun fac is also in guild events store. Spy, soldier, GBA are in cantina battles and Poggle is in hard node farm and also galactic war store, so he is the easiest to get to 7 stars.
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    You will want all 5 of them.

    Since you are building cls, I will assume you are going after og Chewbacca at some point. IMO if you have both pilots, you should get the ship. With that in mind, comes poggle. The easiest and fastest way to farm him is from the galactic war store. However, he has a hard node that also includes ig-2000, which is needed for the millennium falcon. So my suggestion is to farm him there. It will take much longer, but you get 2 farms done at once.

    Brood alpha is a cantina node. Its a 16 energy node, so it will take some time to farm him.

    Sun facs main store is the fleet arena store. Hes in there often. He occasionally shows up in the guild store, but I wouldn't use guild tokens for him.

    Geo soldier and spy have cantina nodes. They also occasionally show up in the fleet store.
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    They're not needed for Padme, they are needed for Wat Tambor, and have other uses in Geo TB.
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    They aren't needed for Padme but they can be used to get Padme.

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  • Basically OP, geos are the easiest team to use to beat Padme but they might take some time to farm. However, they do give you a really good early game type team.
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