[MEGATHREAD] The SWGoH Community Team is Growing



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    Hey @CG_Doja_Fett I sent you a DM last week about a game mechanic I noticed recently.
  • Ultra
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    Hey @TVF , I sent you a DM recently too
  • TVF
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    Ultra wrote: »
    Hey TVF , I sent you a DM recently too

    Ask again at the next Cue Ann Hey
    I need a new message here. https://discord.gg/AmStGTH
  • Monel
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    Ultra wrote: »
    Ultra wrote: »
    Looooki wrote: »
    Bummer Q&A is no more...

    Just no Q&A planned for this month

    Correct. We will have Q&A again in the future.

    Now that RagingSpaniard (Art), and Sven (General) have left CapitalGames, any hints on what team the next Q&A will comprise of to replace them?

    It'll certainly depend on the main topic, but I'd like to see one of the artists who make the announcement trailers share their talent and thoughts with us. Either way, we'll do our best to fill the shoes the others have left.

    What're your thoughts?

    You shouldn't share shoes, thats how athletes feet can spread!
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    This thread is not a catch all for questions to Doja.

    Make a post or add to an existing one.
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    Anyone else enjoying amazing communication from CG ? Feels like 2016, when they used to frequently update us and the forums.

    Now the road aheads out as well, as well as doja.

    Thanks cg, keep it up.
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