You're take on this rey lineup



  • Iy4oy4s
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    Seems easy enough. Don’t think they are high enough gear to really matter. Fight it and report back. I’m interested.
  • I was thinking same thing. Vader lead thrawn traya malak wat.

    Wat went first gave tech to vader, massacre followed by aoe, then died after saber throw. that was pretty much the end of the run. Im a little salty to say the least

    Didnt the jawas get tweaked because of using a bossk lead with them?
  • That’s a tricky team. Rather than AOE first you should have just used basic on Scavenger to kill him, then AOE, saber throw, etc.

    They didn’t actually change the way Scavenger worked, just reworded his Line in the Sand unique so that it was worded the way the ability actually worked.
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