New Ship Concept (Red Five)

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Red Five - Rebel, Attacker, Light Side

Basic - Deal physical damage to target enemy and inflict target lock for 2 turns. If the target already had target lock this attack ignores defense. If this attack is a critical hit Red Five gains offense up for 1 turn.

Unique 1 - When a rebel ally lands a critical hit Red Five gains 10% turn meter. When a Rebel ally uses a basic attack on their turn Red Five has a 50% chance to assist. If Red Five lands a critical hit then Dispell all debuffs from Red Five and a random rebel ally.

Get Into Position - Special 2 - 4 Turn Cooldown. All Rebels gain 50% turn meter and Defense up and Potency up for 2 turns. Deal special damage to target enemy, and if the enemy has target lock all Rebel allies are called to assist dealing 30% less damage.

Use the Force - Special 1 - Crew 1 (Commander Luke) - 4 turn cooldown. Dispell all buffs from target enemy and deal special damage to them. The enemy takes additional damage equal to 15% of their maximum health for each buff dispelled. This attack ignores protection. Red Five gains stealth for 2 turns. This ability starts on cooldown.

Lock That Down - Unique 2 - Crew 2 (r2d2) - When Red Five receives a buff increase his max health and critical damage by 5% (stacking until the end of the encounter). When Red Five receives a debuff he gains 20% turn meter.

Reinforcement - When reinforced by a rebel ally or when a rebel ally is defeated Red Five gains speed up and critical damage up for 2 turns. Rebel allies have an additional 20% critical chance against target locked enemies. When an empire enemy is reinforced or defeated rebel allies gain accuracy up and evasion up for 2 turns and heal 20% health and protection.


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