Who to zeta next?

Next Thursday I'll get my third zeta but I don't know who to use it on.

On the arena, I'm running zPalp (leadership), zVader (Massacre), Thrawn, Tarkin, and TFP. I'm on an "easy" shard, so I can reach the top 100 every day. As there is a lot of relic Revans I cannot reach to top 50 with that team (I only have one G12 toon).

On fleet arena I can reach top 10 "easily", sometimes I go up to the top 5. I'm running geos with Vader, Ahsoka, and Biggs. I'm working on Bossk to replace Biggs.

So, which toon should I zeta next? My possibilities are this:
- Vader on No escape. Is probably the smartest option (I run him on both arenas), but I'm not sure if it will help me to improve my arena team.
- Bossk on leadership. He will be on my fleet ASAP and I think it could be useful in the grand arena. I'm not sure if a zBossk team will be useful in the arena at mid-term.
- Geo Brood. I've unlocked him yesterday so, he's only 4* and G6. I'm working on a geo team for Padme.
- ¿Thrawn/Tarkin?
- Piett. Probably the craziest idea. I haven't worked on Piett since the marquee event, but I think he is the only toon that will make me improve on the arena.

Here is my profile https://swgoh.gg/p/341364651/

Thanks in advance


  • DarthGlovoc
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    My first zeta went to Vader's MM. I have my second zeta coming up and I plan to zeta broods unique. My third zeta will be for EP's lead. I would recommend that you zeta brood alpha's unique for the summon.
  • Straegen
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    zPiett is a solid choice (Emperor's Choice). Mainly because he is good on a Vader team immediately even at very low stars.

    Thrawn and Vader's No Escape are longer term zetas IMO. Bossk is a good pick if you get his HT ship leveled up but not until then as Bounty Hunters without Mando and Greef are marginal. GBA is a good zeta but I would level him up a bit first. You need a pre-taunt and he is one of the best but right now he will die so fast the zeta will be a waste. Tarkin is a junk zeta IMO.

    Lastly, I would encourage you to find a guild that is generating Wat shards. Wat is going to be key to round out your Vader team and the sooner you are in a guild that can get even a few the better.

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