Al Bundy School of Dance ~175m GP fully heroic + Wat shard, casual but competitive seeks a few more!

We are Al Bundy School of Dance [ABSoD], ~175m GP fully heroic raids! We sim the pit and easily clear HSTR + heroic tank. We just need a few more to round out the 50! No forced farms and no micro managing although geos always appreciated for more Wat shards!

Decently competitive but very chill group of people with Discord optional and we also understand life happens. Lots of experienced guys well into the 5m+ GP range who do very well on TW, etc. [somewhere in the neighborhood of ~90%+ win rate] who can give guidance on mods, latest meta, squad building, you name it!

Raids generally start at 7:30PM EST [guild reset time] but we have guys throughout the US + UK. For TB, we do DS geo and LS geo. We're at 6 stars and heading higher in LS geo + 18 stars and heading higher in DS geo with 12+ Wat shards which is also growing over time.

Everyone is required to do TB + get their 600 daily tickets and requirement for TW [which is optional] is 2m GP+ only [vast majority of people]. All we ask is that if you do join TW, please be active!

Let me know what you think! Happy to discuss


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