It's Ridiculous Savage Opress is not a Tank

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Savage Opress has very little use in this game at the moment, but with the recent addition of Sith Eternal Emperor there's a chance for underused sith like him to shine. With the "Unraveled Destiny" ability on SEE, all dark side tank allies gain taunt. This would be fantastic with Savage Opress considering he is quite good at soaking up damage, but the problem is, for some weird reason Savage Opress is an Attacker rather than a Tank. I know this is pretty much just me ranting, but changing Savage to a tank would be such a minor change for CG to make that could potentially bring viability to an underused character. Let me know your thoughts
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    lol i thought he was classified as a tank rather than an attacker since he is a soft tank for the team (takes all their debuffs / annoying damage sponge with heal over times) with low damage except for that one special of his

    With relics, a toon's status as an attacker, support, tank is locked to the point of no return so they can't and should not change his class
  • Glad someone else is bothered by this. His atribute is his survivability from his unique, so youd think that would be his main role. Would be pretty awesome if they reworked the OG sith like Maul and Sidious to be viable with SEEP.n
  • Honestly. It's a shame how little attention the older characters in this game get. Especially ones as iconic as Maul and Sidious. @Sithlords_Inc
  • And @Ultra I see your point. I did not consider the complications relic provide for changing roles. Regardless, I do wish Savage and many other characters could at least see some minor tune ups to increase viability. Nothing game changing like Vader's rework, but just some minor adjustments to stats and kits to at least make them viable.
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    Haven’t looked at him in 3 years, and he was bad the
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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