Galactic Republic of Dragons 84Mil GP

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Galactic Republic of Dragons an upcoming guild is 84.7 Mil GP Strong.
Currently 46/50 but looking for 4.
We are looking for members with 1 Mil or more GP and wanting to participate in TBs and TWs.

Our current TW record is 20-2 with 4 All Clears.
We are running LS Hoth with 27+ Stars and alternating DS Hoth/Geo with 27+ to 7 stars.
Running all three Heroic Raids

We are a guild built on teamwork and look for all our members to participate the best they can. We assist everyway we can, with advice on teams; etc. If you are looking for a guild were everyone is a team, send me a message or join our discord server. We look forward to having you a part of our Dragon Lore.

Ally Code 175-595-443
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