Where is defense in character stats??

Where do you find a given character’s defensive stats? It’s not under their base attributes or general stats (I.e, health and protection, tenacity, etc), closest I can find is armor. But my GK has a defense KO’d set which is supposed to be 25% bonus and it says his armor only has 7.5% from mods. Can someone explain this?


  • crzydroid
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    Defense is a blanket term for armor and resistance.

    However, you only see the percentage damage mitigation in the display. There is a hidden flat number. The flat number is what gets increased by percentage mods. However, this does not correlate linearly with the % damage mitigation. This will curve so there is an upper limit of mitigation. Some say there is therefore a diminishing return on armor mods the higher you go, but someone pointed out to me that when you do the survivability calculation [(health+protection)/(100-armor)], a unit increase in flat defense results in a linear increase in survivability. How this translates into the number of hits they can take depends on the damage, however.

    When you look at armor and resistance penetration, these are flat numbers, and it takes away from the target's flat defense number. The amount of damage mitigation is adjusted according to the curve.
  • scuba
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    Everything you didn't want to know about defense stat, including a nice online calculator

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