My P2 GAS results:

So I know there are still a lot of people out there who don’t want to gear everything up and who don’t necessarily have the most godly mods in the world and I am one of those, here is how I beat P2 of the GAS event and what teams I used:

Speeds and Turn Order:
Padme - 278 (1)
Shaak Ti - 246 (2)
C3PO - 226 + 20(Unique) = 246 (3)
Kenobi - 242 (4)
Ahsoka - 176 +25(Unique) = 201 (5)

First of all, I know Shaak Ti and C3PO have the same speed, this is fine because when the MagnaGuards do their AoE Shaak Ti gets 20% turn meter each time she gets turn meter so she will go immediately after. Here is what you want to do: First stun a Droideka, I know it seems counter intuitive because it’s in damage immunity but with the stun that Droideka isn’t assisting at all and you won’t have to take a big hit from him. For this to eventually work you need Shaak Ti zeta because that will allow for her to take care of one of the taunts. Then it will be Shaak It’s turn, call Padme to assist on the other taunting Magna. B2 will probably have taken one or two turns and stripped your buffs which is okay because you haven’t used Padme’s middle ability yet. Once both Magna taunts are down, go straight after B2 with Kenobi mass assist, DONT USE KENOBI’S RETRIBUTION, although he gets turn meter and gives out retribution, don’t use it. Right after Kenobi it is B1 turn and he will AoE, all your guys will counter and you don’t want B2 getting triggered again. After Kenobi mass assist on B2, Ahsoka big hit should take him out. Then go after the magnas, if you were lucky to not trigger B2 a lot you will have a lot of courage and protection. Once you take out the Magnas kill the Droideka. As long as C3PO, Ahsoka, Padme, and Kenobi are alive after both Droideka deaths, you most likely have the win. Make sure to give Translation to Padme then Kenobi. You need them both to be at 3 stacks so C3PO can reduce their cooldowns. Make sure to go after GG until he forces you to mark B1, once you kill B1 keep stunning Padme, DON’T USE C3PO ASSIST AT THIS TIME. You need to keep reducing cooldowns in order to keep stunning GG, so make sure to use C3PO basic. If you can, obviously it’s okay to mass assist, but otherwise, don’t. And that’s how I beat P2. I know the ending seems a bit less detailed, as long as you get though that first part with good RNG you should bring the win home.
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