Galactic challenges question

Galactic challenges obviously requires us to utilize a target squad made up of toons belonging to a specific faction be it rebel, with, empire etc. My question is that if galactic challenges are meant to be a reoccurring event will we expect to see these events simply require the same factions over and over again? Sure there are still a few factions left that havent had one yet nightsisters I believe, ewoks, jawas, droids, clones, and smugglers off the top of my head.


  • Well of course

    Like AB, actually, I would not care to see them repeating next GC if that would mean we would have GC every 3 days instead of just weekend you know
  • Kyno
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    From the information we have been given about the new tool and the issues they seem to be having, I wouldnt be surprised of we see repeat events while they sort things out.

    GCs are not really designed towards a specific team makeup, that's actually one of the main differences we will see compared to the more hand tailored events of the past.

    Once things are sorted, or maybe before, IDK, we should see them for more factions. Doing them for each faction while possible, may not happen until they have very good ideas of how the tuning works so they can make sure the more limited factions dont get pinned into a corner.
  • If you believe the whole "issue" story.
  • Kyno
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    If you believe the whole "issue" story.

    It can be hard to believe that a well funded and cautious organization can have mistakes happen, leading to issues.
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