Galatic War team build help needed.

Ive just gotten in to mid level 40's and for the past few days I've been failing to complete the ****er.
Facing teams 5+ lvls above slowly wipes a couple of my characters then its a fast slope downhill.

So anyone got a strategy and a few build ideas that I could focus on?
Cause I'm loosing a lot of stuff for character upgrading.


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    Work in getting Old Daka and Ewok Elder. These 2 are great for GW. When you take too much damage on your team, rotate your lineup out. Once you have 3 severly injured heroes on the bench, rotate in old daka and ewok elder and the injured from the bench. Heal them up, and then rotate back in your a team.
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  • Star up your JC - his heal cd is very low at higer lvl
  • Get Lum. And Jc Max out their skills and they are easy to farm.. and you need at least 10 toons at your max level..
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