What do you guys think of the 212th

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Do you guys think we will ever get the 212th to go with the 501st I think it would be super cool as a Obi Wan lover!


  • That's easy: Waxer, Boil, Oddball, Gregor, Clone Paratrooper
  • I'd say it's definitely possible. But unlikely to happen for another 8 mo or so at least.

    It is pretty likely the next GL pair will be Master Kenobi and order 66 vader. The new 212th clones would make sense as last minute GL kenobi requirements
  • Waxer and boil please!
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    I think the 212th battalion could be a good add to the game. Waxer boil and Gregor, would be a good thing when the 501st goes to GAS. Maybe waxer and boil could have a kind of mission and z/echo thing, attacking after each other, gaining buffs if the other is attacked, due to his compassion for the twi'lek girl waxer could be the healer/support to boils attacker. Gregor would be the tank with a taunt ability that gives protection and like the phantom and ghost he would gain taunt and foresight if 212th allies were attacked dismissing it once attacked, if he already had taunt he gains retribution instead of foresight. Kenobi is missing a rank 8 for his leadership so it wouldn't be hard to plug it in to the synergy, kenobi Cody and shaak are all leader potentials.
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