Relaxed 202mil guild Looking for 2

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edited November 22 We are an enthusiastic, ambitious and organized full heroic guild, with both European and American players. We love diversity, so we won’t micromanage your roster, love to see new combinations, so we can learn from each other.

TW, we win most matches, but we rather lose a tight match and learn from it then win with two fingers up our nose. We get 44 stars in LS and 46 stars in DS HOTH and 20/22 stars GEO DS 22 wat and 10 stars GEO LS territory battles discord is very active great bunch of peeps

FoE requirements
Guild Events and Rules

Minimum 2.8 million gp will except lower with a focused roster!!

Tickets: 500-600 per day. Minimum 3500 tickets per week (500 per/day).

TB: Participation in all phases is mandatory.

TW: Joining TW is mandatory to join. If you do join, you’re expected to carry your weight unless you have placed unavailability for the the current TW

Unavailability: If you are absent for a period of time, please notify an officer.

Guild raids and times

All Raids have a join period of 24 hours. The times are kept the same every day!

HRancor: 19:00 UTC / 14:00 EST | We just sim :)… sit back, enjoy the raid

HTank: 20:00 UTC / 15:00 EST | Do as much damage as you can, no rules to hold you down

HSTR: 17:00 UTC / 12:00 EST | Prove yourself worthy, do damage, improve your squads

Raids are not mandatory but We highly encourage you to join all raids. Only benefits yourself!!

If you’re interested and like to know more you can find me on discord , or ingame on my allycode:

Discord ID Raggs#3873
allie code 255/466/962

Discord teysacs#1565
allie code 614/582/634

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