The Stars We Are / 173GP / Active guild looking for new members to fill out the roster!

Hello there,

The Stars We Are are now looking for new recruits to join our ranks! We currently sit at 44/50 and would like to fill the last few spots with active, enthusiastic SWGOH players that are 2 mill or over in GP

Some things about us

- We merged guilds with Wraith Squadron about a couple of years ago

- We have all heroic raids on farm

- We don't have squad requirements but we want our members to participate in guild related activities, especially Territory Wars and Territory Battles.

- Some of us have been together since the very beginning of the game

- We have multiple players with Galactic Legends

- Most of our players are in the 4 - 4.5 million range in GP

- Friendly, active, and always looking to progress. We have a lot of veterans who are glad to give advice and talk about their path to where they are with their rosters

You can contact me here via the forums or send me a message in game

In-game name: Sev
ally code: 121-598-221

Thank you, all!
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