Scruffy Looking Maulrats needs you! Fun independent friendly international 270m guild 30/15 ⭐️

Scruffy Looking Maulrats!

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Tired of high-end guilds with ridiculous rules and hard-core attitudes? Not to mention the expectation that you’ll use your special Visa attack whenever a new toon’s announced?

We are, too. Scruffy Looking Maulrats is an all-heroic raid, independent (non-alliance) guild, international membership, that’s realized the importance of fun and camaraderie over the pure grind of performance. This is supposed to be fun, remember?

We are active and F2P (you can spend if you like, but it’s NEVER required). Sure, we have a few rules and requirements (like daily 600s; what guild doesn’t?), but they ensure you can participate and get better rewards.

SLM Guild Information
Guild GP: 270m+ Avg member GP: 5..5m+(fully staffed)

Guild Reset time: Currently 1:30pm EST/7:30pm GMT

Raids: FFA at Reset +30 mins with HPit simmed (HPit & HAAT three times a week; HSTR twice a week) 24hr join period on all raids, then FFA

Territory Battles: Hoth- 45 LS; 48 DS Geo - We are actively engaged in the new Geo TB with 30 stars and 15 stars respectively, and 5-6 KAMs, getting better...

Territory War: We are not TW-focused. We make every effort to win (we usually full-clear our opponents), and have a respectable win record, but this is the one game aspect we don’t push as a guild (this is supposed to be fun, remember?)

Discord compulsory - very active Discord server with lots of bots and fun!

Message us there with your profile; let’s chat!

Kbeef 999#7524
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