Grey Side of Force looking to recruit active players

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Guild Name: Grey Side of Force

Guild: Grey Side of Force is looking to recruit players! The guild has been around from pretty much start of the game and we are looking for players/small-broken-guilds who can help us increase our stars in tb's. The desired GP per player is around 3M.

Currently we are at 36/50 players and still have 152M GP. We demand daily contributions especially to the tb's and tw's, however we do understand that life happens and guild mates can take time off with proper communication and notice.

We have around 80-90% win ratio in tw's.

The guild is pretty friendly and fun. We encourage people to chat using the guild chat/discord as often as they can to exchange ideas and progress updates(if they want to).

We do all the raids(almost everyone has 7* Traya) and are actively farming Wat(get around 8+ shards every tb).

We alternate between the Hoth and Geonosis TBs(on light side). This provides fun for new players and opportunities for the more experienced players to earn Mk II Guild Event Tokens. Despite 14 missing players we still manage to get 5* in lstb(geo) and 16* in dstb(geo). With full strength we can get around 20+ stars in dstb and around 10 in lstb, post which we would go full on with only geo tb's.

The best part of our guild is almost all the guild members who have left have happily retired from game without any conflict or switching guilds. So long term members are desired.

We have currently just 1 GL in our guild however a few guild members are also close to unlocking GL's in upcoming months.

To join, please connect with us on discord
Additionally, you can also PM me here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

My ally code is 686-535-831 and swgoh profile is

The guild swgoh profile is
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