Players Looking For Guilds - October/November 2020 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***



  • Namico
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    I started up again recently basically new to the game trying to get better. I am an active player daily raid tickets won’t be an issue. I bought the hyper bundle as well as a few other packs probably spent close to $200 and I plan to be more or less F2P from there on. Will join discord as well.

    Ally code: 618-291-416
    Player level: 85
    Galactic power: 757,471

    No longer looking for a guild.
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  • BobFudge
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    Hello there...

    Looking to join my first proper Guild to access as many of the Heroic Raids as possible, fairly new to the game but growing in GP strength and experience quickly. Currently starting to work towards getting CLS and Chewie, one battle away from Padme. Ideally looking for an active but very chilled guild - we're here for a good time not a hard time!

    Ally code: 997-179-266

    GP: 731,926

    Player Level 85

    No. of 7*s: 8

    No. of 6*s: 10

    No. of 5*s: 13

    Just getting my head around Mods, so would appreciate any advice/guidance on those!

    "I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe"

    Update - thanks for all the responses, new Guild found!
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  • SammyS0sa21
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    Update: Found guild
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  • Kazinak
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    guild found
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  • Hello I am an active player looking for a guild that does good raids and guild events. Thank you for helping out. ID is 418569. Ally code is 453-443-945. GP: 201,206. Arena: 3,610
  • watchmelikeaboss
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    found guild. thnks
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  • jenksta
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    Hi all, looking for a guild to join. Been playing since March and have grown pretty well despite making a few mistakes. I'm F2P and although i play every day, I'm not intensive. Active but chilled guild would be great. Looking to grow more etc.

    Ally-Code: 944-731-866
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 567,691
    Character/Ship GP: 349,707 / 217,984
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 12
    Number of 6*: 2
    Number of 5*: 9
    Average Arena Rank: 1500-2000
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT

    EDIT: Thanks for all the responses/offers found a guild now.
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  • Hiker1
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    I’m looking for an elite guild. EST based. Preferred raid start times 5-8pm or 10pm est. At least 30 stars in Geo DSTB. At least 18 stars in Geo LSTB.

    If your guild meets the above specs, feel free to contact me. I’ve been contacted by many guilds in the past that don’t match for what I’m looking for.

    PLEASE DO NOT contact me in game. I hate when my in game inbox is flooded with chat requests.

    I’m a teacher and father, so I am mostly unavailable during the hours of 8am-4pm EST.

    Link to
    Galactic Power: 5,070,717
    Gear 13: 48
    Relic 7: 25
    Relic 6: 5
    Average Arena Rank: 7
    Time-zone: EST

    Working toward JKL and eventually JML. Already have GL Kylo

    I regularly get Wat shards and already have him G12.

    I’m almost KAM ready.
    Shaak Relic 5
    Fives Relic 7
    Echo Relic 5
    Rex Relic 5
    Arc almost Relic 6
  • I'm an active player looking for a guild running heroic raids. Just jumped into a fresh shard and bought a Hyperbundle.

    Link to

    Ally code: 227-688-667

    I'd prefer a guild that uses Discord.


  • Amlosthere
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    Found a guild...thanks everyone for reaching out :)
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  • Xonj
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    Edit: found a guild. Thanks for all the information!
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  • SLkyloren996
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  • Arva
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    Found guild
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  • VaderPicnic
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    Found a guild.
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  • NutGunslay
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    Found a guild!
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  • aabaz202
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    Found a guild already.. thank you!
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  • Thalukart
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    Thank you guys for invites!
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  • Darknesswon
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    Found a home ty all
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  • Vastion_Cread
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    I have found a guild. Thank you everyone who reached out. I am sorry if I didn't get a chance to respond to your message, I find the in game message system difficult to check for new messages.
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  • SWScholar
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    Ally Code: 173-326-935 Link:

    GP: 9,176

    Character GP: 9,176

    Ship GP: 0

    Player Level: 34

    Number of 5*-7*: 0

    Average Arena Rank: I have only been playing on this account for a few days so I'm still climbing in arena and therefore don't have an average yet.

    Type of play: F2P

    Time Zone: GMT

    Extra Notes: I appreciate that my account is very new and may not be that useful right now but I intend to build it in the most effective manner I can. I intend to build up an early Separatist team for arena and a Republic fleet for ships once I eventually unlock that aspect of the game. Thanks in advance for any help.
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  • Jedirocco
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    SWGOH link:

    Ally Code: 648-139-142

    Looking for an ACTIVE guild that can help me grow and get WAT shards preferably 30+

    I do 600 tickets daily

    Galactic Power : 3.4M

    feel free to message me in game
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